We Get your Pet to the Vet! 

Tell us about your pets transportation needs, we will send you a driver!

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Our Practice

Taking your pets to their appointments can be a hassle, at Hitch, we would like to help you get your pet to their groomer, vet and daycare. Need to get them home from the office, we can help with that also!


Our Promise

As  dog owners, we know how time consuming appointments can be. As working professionals, we understand how difficult it is to fit these appointments into your day. At Hitch, our promise to you, is to make your daily schedule more manageable by helping "get your pet to the vet!" (groomer, daycare, etc)

Our Services

We offer transportation to and/or from your pets appointments. Grooming appointments, daily daycare, ride to the airport, ride to the dog park, vet, home from the office, away to camp and any other local transportation needs your pet may have!

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